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Play Class and Kindergarten

Buds should carefully be protected and lulled to be blossomed and to bear fruits. The budding talents of St. Ephrem, the lasses and lads of Play class and kinder garten are nursed, nurtured, and taught the etiquettes, decorum of life and simple lessons of learning, by properly, qualified, trained and experienced teachers. The play and kinder garten classes are sufficiently equipped and arranged with play materials and teaching aids and pictures, representing subjects, for kids, to make them imprinted and implanted accurately in the minds of young ones. Pictorial records are exhibited and explained through the media of television and smart class. A new building complex, of lustre with sufficient modern amenities is intended to be constructed, exclusively for play class and kinder garten in the nearest future.

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Our Mission

A CBSE school named St. Ephrem Seminary Public School is established and managed by the seminary. Around 1400 students are studying in this institution starting from creche to plus two level. The institution takes all the necessary steps to make sure that it meets high academic quality.

Our Objectives

The main aim of the school is to provide full-liberal and compehensive education so as to develop in the child a sound character and a fine personality. The objective is to provide young men and women with a keen sense of discipline, responsibility, initiative, dedication, integrity and loyalty. In fact it is an all round drawing out of the best in the child from his/her body mind and soul.


St. Ephrem Seminary Public School

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