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The proverbial story of King Bruce would have a different ending had the spider won in its first attempt. The King could not have won the battle, as believed by the common folk. Such hypothesis does not have any relevance when the topic of discussion is motivation.

Forget all about inspiration and insight and let us discuss on Kerala model of education. We had once occupied an envious distinction of a highly literate state in India. Degrees conferred by the universities in Kerala were honoured everywhere. Prospective employers never had a second thought when they picked up applications of Keralites for a final choice.

Interestingly, where are we standing now? Take the example of the first lot of managerial staff who were selected to plum positions in our own Kochi Metro. Barring a meager presence, a vast majority of the newly recruited candidates are from metro cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. The reasons for this are many. Most significant among them are said to be our candidates' terrible deficiency in exposure and wretched communication skills.

Who do we have to blame for this state of affairs? Definitely, everyone from the bottom rung to the pinnacle of hierarchy. Oftentimes, educational policy makers do not show signs of sound vision or else, they are constricted by other interests. Mark gifting and all promotion are two major reasons that guarantee a child's promotion to next class or higher grade in examination. Needless to say, it spoils motivation and goal setting.

Honestly speaking, we fail to separate grain from chaff, which ought to be one of the purposes of examination. We fail miserably to give a child the due reward for his laziness and non performance. Wherever the child goes, he is treated like a delicate device who cannot confront with failures. In fact, failure does not have a catastrophic impact on children, rather it makes them fit to face a competitive world. Unfortunately, we never give our children an opportunity to fail. Is there anything more stupid than this? Opinions may vary but I am convinced of my views.

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A CBSE school named St. Ephrem Seminary Public School is established and managed by the seminary. Around 1400 students are studying in this institution starting from creche to plus two level. The institution takes all the necessary steps to make sure that it meets high academic quality.

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The main aim of the school is to provide full-liberal and compehensive education so as to develop in the child a sound character and a fine personality. The objective is to provide young men and women with a keen sense of discipline, responsibility, initiative, dedication, integrity and loyalty. In fact it is an all round drawing out of the best in the child from his/her body mind and soul.


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